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14 de Junio, 2008    General


The growing guerrilla war in Iraq has shown Saddam Hussein's Baath Party to be far more resilient than anyone realized. To understand

their resilience and grass-roots strength, one must look at the party's mystical origins.

Columnist Maureen Dowd says the Arabic word Baath stands for resurrection. But Baath is not a word that translates well into English.

A better synonym would be the Italian word Risorgimento.

Actually, the party had its origin in the little town of Asadabad in western Iran. Here, in 1839, was born Sayyid Jamal ad-Din, a

Muslim mystic sometimes known as al-Afghani (Arabic for the Afghan--J.T.) and "the Sage of the East."

Jamal ad-Din was raised as a Shiite Muslim and, in 1845, his family enrolled him in a madrassa (Islamic school) in the holy city of

Najaf in what is now Iraq. Here Jamal was initiated into "the mysteries" by "followers of Sheik Ahmad Asai (1753-1826). He also may

have had some family connections with the Babis, followers of Siyyid Ali Mohammed al-Bab," an imam keenly interested in politics.

"After years studying Shia theology at the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, he spent several years in India, the Caucasus and Central

Asia before surfacing in Afghanistan as the senior advisor to the pro-Russian ruler."

(Editor's Comment: Strange that a supposedly devout Muslim would head for India instead of making the traditional haj or pilgrimage

to Mecca. It appears that Jamal ad-Din was one of the few Illuminati to actually set foot in the "hidden city" of Shambhala.)

Jamal ad-Din's travels and movements in occult circles brought him into repeated contact with Elena Petrovna von Hahn Blavatsky

during the 1850s and 1860s. He and Madame Blavatsky met for the last time in Paris in 1884.

Through these occult circles, Jamal became friendly with the directors of the Illuminati regional headquarters at Djoum (pronounced

Joom) in southern Lebanon, Sheik Medjuel el-Mezrab and Lydia Pashkov. Between 1870 and 1875, the Illuminati apparently began a

project to replicate the Italian Carbonari in all the countries of the Middle East. Jamal began "sowing the dragon's teeth" first in

Istanbul and then in Cairo, where he became an advisor to the Grand Mufti.

(Editor's Comment: And what does this have to do with the USA today? Well, a nephew of a latter-day Grand Mufti of Cairo is none

other than Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second in command of Al-Qaida.)

In Istanbul, Jamal and Omar Pasha organized a Masonic lodge, the Golden Square (from the compass-and-square symbol of Freemasonry--

J.T.) which made deep inroads into the officer corps of the Ottoman Turkish army. But if the Golden Square was popular in Turkey, it

caught on like wildfire in Iraq, particularly in "the Sunni triangle," the region around Tikrit.

During World War I, the Allies invaded Iraq, won a battle at Ctesiphon but got bogged down at Kut al-Amarna, where their army was

surrounded by the Turks and the Arabs. After their surrender, over 100,000 Allied soldiers went to a P.O.W. camp in western Turkey,

and the Golden Square was riding high in Baghdad.

Their success proved short-lived, however. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in October 1918, and the new League of Nations gave Iraq to

UK as a "mandate." Feeling that they had been cheated of their independence, tribes like the al-Bufahadi and the al-Bunasiri revolted

and began a guerrilla war that lasted until 1925.

During the 1920s, a new Golden Square grandmaster arrived in Baghdad. His name was Satia al-Husri and he began organizing new lodges.

A former captain in the Ottoman Turkish army, Rashid Ali al-Qaylani, already a Golden Square member, abandoned his law practice to

lead "the national revolution."

On October 3, 1932, the new kingdom of Iraq attained its independence and joined the League of Nations. King Faisal had barely seated

himself on the throne when the Golden Square struck.

General Bakr Sidqi, like Rashid Ali, was a former Ottoman Turkish officer and longtime Golden Square member. In August 1933, he

launched a pogrom against the Assyrian Christians, massacring thousands, over the protests of King Faisal.

On September 3, 1933, Faisal died and was succeeded by his son Ghazi, who, unknown to the old man, was a "member of the secret

brotherhood," the Golden Square. Ghazi ruled uneasily for three years, and then, on October 29, 1936, Bakr Sidqi decided to stop

being polite and "overthrew the government in the Arab world's first military coup."

But Bakr Sidqi was too friendly with the Ahali Socialist Party, so on August 11, 1937, he was assassinated by his "lodge brothers" of

the Golden Square. "Six more (military) coups followed in quick succession," paving the way for the rise of Rashid Ali in 1940.

During October 1932, the Golden Square received help from an unexpected source--the German mystics of the Thule Society. The new

German ambassador to Baghdad, Fritz Grobe, was a long-time Thule member.

(Editor's Note: A relative, Arthur Grobe-Wutischsky, was a frequent contributor to Germany's occult magazine, Ostara, and in 1915

wrote the book Der Weltkrieg 1914 in der Prophetie (Translated: The 1914 World War in Prophecy), possibly the first use of the term

"world war.")

A year later, in October 1933, Grobe purchased an Iraqi daily newspaper, al-Alim al-Arabi. At first the paper had a bad case of the

blahs in terms of circulation. Then it began running Arab translations of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf (German for My Struggle) and

the numbers picked up a little. But when the staff began running The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the circulation numbers

jumped into the millions. Everybody in Iraq was reading al-Alim al-Arabi, including unlettered shepherds like Hussein al-Majid, the

future stepfather of Saddam Hussein.

This led to Iraq's "newspaper war" of the 1930s, with al-Alim al-Arabi and the Jewish-owned daily, al-Hassad, constantly sniping at

each other. Meanwhile, the Golden Square was building its "national revolution" by creating ideological organizations like the Arab

Cultural Society and Mutana Bin Hartha Society.

(Editor's Note: Bin Hartha was the commander of the first Muslim army in Iraq.)

One of Rashid Ali's most ardent disciples was an Iraqi officer named Khayrallah al-Tulfah. His articles and his book, Al-Madaris, al

-Yahudiyya wa al-Iraniyya fi al-Iraq (To give the Arabic a free translation: Against Iran and the Jews--J.T.), became the "voice of

the national revolution."

But the Golden Square's top organizer was Yunis es- Sabawi, who founded a mass movement for young Iraqis, Al- Futuwwa, which he

modeled after Germany's Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth). By 1939, Al-Futuwwa had grown to 63,000 members, complete with uniforms,

battalions, daily lectures and military training, all fanatically loyal to Rashid Ali.

On April 1, 1941, the Golden Square struck. Four colonels staged a coup in Baghdad and proclaimed Rashid Ali the new prime minister.

He organized a "government of national defense" and opened negotiations for a military alliance with Hitler's Third Reich.

Partly because of the riots in Palestine, there had already been anti-Jewish violence in Iraq. In September 1936, three Jews were

murdered on a Baghdad street. In October 1937, an Iraqi nationalist firebombed a Baghdad synagogue on Yom Kippur. But Rashid Ali's

ascension led to new unrest. "Anti-Jewish demonstrations took place in Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Irbil and Amara, often ending in


Unwilling to lose Iraq--and its oil--Winston S. Churchill ordered the British Army to oust Rashid Ali. British troops landed and took

Basra on May 16, 1941. In marked contrast to the invasion of 1915, the British moved swiftly up the Tigris and took Baghdad on May

30, 1941. Rashid Ali and his aides fled to Iran.

Staying behind were Khayrallah al-Tulfah, who was promptly arrested, and Yunis es-Sabawi, who had not been idle during Rashid Ali's

brief reign. Sabawi had selected the best fighters in Al-Futuwwa and organized them into a new guerrilla army, al-Ketaib a-Shabab

(Arabic for Youth Battalions--J.T.) for attacks on "enemies of Iraq."

On June 1, 1941, the Jewish festival of Shavuot, "a group of Jews in festive attire" approached the Al-Har Bridge "to welcome Abdul

Illah, the pro-British regent, on his way to the capital." They were attacked by a mob of Iraqi soldiers and civilians.

"Leading the mobs were the Ketaib a-Shabab cadres, which had been trained by es- Sabawi."

The result was Al-Farhud, anti-Jewish riots that broke out all over Baghdad. "In all, 179 persons were killed in the riots, and 2,118

were injured. The number of people whose property was looted was put at 48,584. Unspeakable brutalities were committed in the pogrom:

rape, murder and the crushing of body organs of babes in arms, women and men, young and old. Synagogues were profaned and Torah

scrolls defiled."

The Allied occupation authorities cracked down hard. Ketaib a-Shabab members were arrested and exiled to Iran. The Golden Square went

underground once more.

But not for long. Sporadic attacks on Jews continued throughout World War II. On December 17, 1942, al-Ketaib a-Shabab activists slit

the throats of eight Jews in Sandur, in northern Iraq.

On July 24, 1943, ten Iraqis met at a hotel in Damascus, the capital of Syria, to found a new order, Al- Baath (The Risorgimento--

J.T.) Nearly four years later, in April 1947, the first meeting of the Baath Party was held at Fallujah in Iraq.

The Golden Square had risen again.

(See the books Republic of Fear by Samir al-Khalil, Pantheon Books, New York, N.Y., 1989, pages xi and xii; Out of the Ashes by

Andrew Cockburn and Patrick Cockburn, Harper-Collins Publishers, New York, N.Y., 1999, pages 68 and 69; Saddam Hussein and the Crisis

in the Gulf by Judith Miller and Leslie Mylroie, Random House, New York, N.Y., 1990, pages 24 through 29; The Occult Roots of Nazism

by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, New York University Press, 1985, page 243; The Masters Revealed by K. Paul Johnson, State University of

New York Press, 1994, pages 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 and 57; and The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, Volume 1, Macmillan Publishing

Co., New York, N.Y., 1990, pages 716 to 718.)

             A Cosmic History of the Illuminati
Revolutionary War, Civil War Instigated by Rothshild -- Illuminati

This Awareness indicates that when this nation was founded, prior to the Declaration of Independence, (this as a colony of England),

there were many entities who arrived in this continent with hopes of beginning a new life. This Awareness indicates that many of

these entities were fleeing Europe from debts or from crimes, that many of these entities were considered criminal.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Benjamin Franklin, in moving to England for a visit, remarked that the colonies were

profiting because they only minted as much money as they needed, and because they minted their own money. This Awareness indicates

that an entity working with the Rothschild's overheard this remark, and conveyed the message to the Rothschild's. This Awareness

indicates that these entities then directed King George not to allow any colonies to mint their own money, that all colonies to mint

their own money, that all colonies were to use the British script.

This Awareness indicates that this led to the Revolutionary War. This Awareness indicates the country of England had been taken over

through its indebtedness due to the war with Spain--the indebtedness being to the Rothschild banking system, which was in

collaboration with the Illuminati. This Awareness indicates that this has remained so since that time. This Awareness indicates that

there were certain elements relating to the entity Madison and also to Thomas Jefferson, that these entities and La Fayette and

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin -- these entities in particular were aware of the banking controls and the manipulation of


This awareness indicates that for this reason, the Constitution, in attempting to guarantee freedoms for individuals, was put

together with three branches--the executive, legislative and judicial branch--in order to divide the power among these three

branches. This Awareness indicates these entities should have also created a financial branch, which was also controlled by the

people, but failed to do so; rather, they had the Constitution so written that Congress would control the money. This Awareness

indicates that Congress not only had the right to mint and coin money but also have the right to legislate and make laws--this

allowed Congress to be manipulated at a future time into giving away or voting away its right to mind and coin money, and by turning

this over to the Federal Reserve Bank.

This Awareness indicates that it has been given previously (revelations of Awareness No. 77-28 The Lincoln Conspiracy), that the

entity Abraham Lincoln was faced with a need to finance his troops for the Civil War. This Awareness indicates the Civil war itself

was staged and set up by the Illuminati, whereby they brought the slaves from Africa to the Southern plantations in order to create

an atmosphere that would lead to an issue which could be used for setting up a war which would divide the nation. This Awareness

indicates that the newspapers, being controlled by these entities, began to build up the background and the attitude among the

northerners to set the stage for Civil War. This Awareness indicates that the entity Abraham Lincoln, attempting to finance his

troops, sought money from the banks and was told that it would cost 26% interest. This Awareness indicates that this entity then

turned to the Constitution and printed the "Lincoln greenbacks" which were used for financing his armies.

Czar of Russia prevented France and England from invading United States during the Civil War

This Awareness indicates that during this time, the British and French, both being controlled by the Illuminati, prepared to invade

the United States. This Awareness indicates that the Czar of Russia, who was a good friend of Abraham Lincoln, warned these two

nations that they would be forced to fight Russia if they invaded the United States. This Awareness indicates that this prevented

that from occurring, and the Union armies won the Civil War. This Awareness indicates that this then led the Illuminati to its

prepared efforts to take over this country through the banking process of the Federal Reserve System, and to take over the Russian

empire through its planned Evolutionary war.

Rockefellers and other bankers set up Illuminati-Planned Federal Reserve Banking System

This Awareness indicates that in 1905 the entities Henry Morgan, Paul Warburg, Nelson Aldrich (a Senator from new York) -- this

Awareness indicates these three along with Jacob Schiff, John D. Rockefeller and several others, the names not seen clearly, these

entities went secretly by train, then by boat, to Jekyl Island -- these entities meeting there for some time, discussing a plan for

an economic system that would allow the banking establishment to control the money of this nation.

This Awareness indicates these entities developed a program which was already written, from the Illuminati, and presented by the

entity Paul Warburg, and adapted to the needs of their purposes--this being presented as the "Aldrich Plan". This Awareness indicates

that the majority of members of the press and Congress objected, knowing that Aldrich worked for the Wall Street bankers; therefore,

these entities objected to this plan, feeling that it would not be to the benefit of the people.

This Awareness indicates the entities then returned and worked on an alternative plan, presenting this as the "People's Plan". This

Awareness indicates this became the Federal Reserve System. This Awareness indicates that these entities then had this Federal

Reserve System passed in Congress on Christmas Eve, when most of the Congress had already left to go home, except for those few

working with them, who passed this Federal Reserve Plan -- this was intended to prevent any further run on the banks, or any form of

crisis in the economies of this country.

Nelson Rockefeller Sets Stage for World War ll with Japan

This Awareness indicates that in 1929, the crash came, and the banks collected nine-tenths of all personal property on default of

mortgages. This Awareness indicates the entities Nelson Rockefeller (named after the Senator Nelson Aldrich), and his brother David,

during the 40's served as assistants to the Chase Manhattan Bank and its various interests. This Awareness indicates that these

entities assisted in setting up that which was known as the Pacific Institute of research, this in Japan.

This Awareness indicates this Pacific this Pacific Institute was used to create certain political influences in Japan, which helped

to polarize the Japan interests against the interests of the United States, and therefore set stage for World War ll in the Pacific.

This Awareness indicates this with the assistance of the President Roosevelt. This Awareness indicates the entity Franklin Roosevelt

not being fully aware of what was occurring behind the scenes, but being used as a puppet for the energies. This Awareness indicates

that essentially John D. Rockefeller and the empire built by him were financed after the Civil war by the European powers of the

Rothschild, and these forces were allowed to grow and build during World war ll into that which became the most powerful banking and

financial interest in the entire world.

Rockefeller--Rothschilds sold war machine to Russia... sets relatives up in high government positions

This Awareness indicates after World War ll had been completed, the Rockefellers assisted in selling all of the machinery, the war

machinery, to Russia and China, this allowing these nations to build up their industrial war machine and to industrialize to a high

capacity in order that they might become a greater power. This Awareness indicates that the previous statements as slightly in error

--that the Rockefellers sold this, arranged the sale of this to the Rothschilds, the Rothschilds being in control of Russia and China

and the Communist forces, and therefore in turn, the Rothschilds assisted in moving the war machinery and industries into these

countries. This Awareness indicates that the following of this action, the Rockefellers began to gain greater and greater control

over this present United States government--the entity Allan Dulles, being Rockefeller's cousin, was put in charge of the CIA. This

Awareness indicates that the entity John Foster Dulles, another cousin, was the secretary of State.

Rockefeller--Rothschild--Kennedy set stages for Vietnam War

This Awareness indicates this began the movement toward greater power in the United States being controlled by the banking system,

and the usurping of the power from the hands of the people--this being the government--the power of government being taken from the

people. This Awareness indicates this led to that which became the secret government which controlled the United States from the time

of World War ll up to recent times.

This Awareness indicates that the Cold War then, as being but a chess game manipulated between the Rothschild and the Rockefellers,

as a kind of mind mass-manipulation to lead the world government which was described previously. This Awareness indicates there

appeared to be competition between these entities--these banking interests--and this competition was real, yet there was also that

complete respect and the mutual cooperation that was underlying much of the surface competition. This Awareness indicates that there

also were certain movements when the competition between these entities cost the lives of others, but from the viewpoint of these

entities, this was simply part of the financial game. This Awareness indicates that the efforts of the Rothschilds to force the

United States into Vietnam--this was in part with the cooperation of the Rockefellers and the Kennedys, due to the desire of the

Rothschilds to have greater control in Southeast Asia. This Awareness indicates that this in part relating to the drugs within the

golden Triangle area, and in part an effort to use up the military supplies of the United States and to cost more money to bankrupt

this nation, even as Britain had been bankrupted by the Spanish War in the 18th Century.

The Plan to Bankrupt all countries

This is all part of the Rothschilds plan for the New World Order to bankrupt all countries and turn them into satellites by

foreclosing on the bankrupt countries. This Awareness indicates that there are things happening behind the scenes that yet could

prevent this entity from his goals and dreams, yet there is nothing simple or easy about the struggle that will follow as the

struggle that is already occurring.

It is actually a kind of covert war going on all over the globe as to who is going to be free and who is going to be in control of

the masses, whether they eventually will awaken enough to throw off the oppressors or whether they will cuddle up the oppressors,

hoping to seduce them into being nice to their slaves.

The Illuminati--Federal reserve Plot to gain control of the World's Silver and Gold

This Awareness indicates that the present situation wherein the United States economics began to suffer, relates to their time in the

mid-sixties, when the silver was taken--the silver backing was taken from the dollar. This Awareness indicates that it was shortly

thereafter that a peculiar thing occurred which few entities are aware of, but which had a profound effect on history in general.

This Awareness indicates that in 1969, an entity who was remotely related to the Rothschilds, went to Europe and met with various

bankers in small countries--these being independent bankers not associated with the Rothschild Illuminati. This entity began

explaining a technique whereby these bankers could effect the nature of the seizing of gold. This Awareness indicates the lluminati

had seized most of the gold --the Rothschild banks along with the Rockefeller banks, had taken most of the gold and silver from

circulation-- and held this in their control. This Awareness indicates at this time it was still possible to buy gold for $ 32 an


This Awareness indicates that this entity in meeting with these various bankers in sixteen nations, small nations, presented a plan

or program whereby these entities could rake off some of the gold and make a large profit in so doing. This Awareness indicates the

plan was at follows:

The entities would purchase gold at a price of $ 32 per ounce, then take that gold, or its certificate of ownership, and mortgage

that at exactly the same amount--$ 32 per ounce. This Awareness indicates these entities could often mortgage this gold right back to

the bank which sold the gold to them. This Awareness indicates these entities then would take the money from the mortgage and

purchase more gold at $ 32 an ounce, mortgage that at 100% value, and then again purchase more gold. In this manner , these bankers

and money speculators began to drain off the ownership of gold, with the possibility of redeeming that gold which was being tied up

by the mortgage, redeeming this at $ 32 per ounce. This Awareness indicates this began happening on a rapid scale, and the gold which

was tied up suddenly began to be tied up into the banks of other nations, and these nations having mortgagees which allowed them to

redeem this gold at $ 32 per ounce.

This Awareness indicates that after a certain time, the price of gold became quite valuable in various countries--then the entity,

the then President Nixon, made the announcement that he would put an end to the gold speculators and their efforts to destroy the

American dollar, by taking the gold backing off the dollar. This Awareness indicates that this occurred and the price of gold shot

upwards to its present rate. This Awareness indicates that those nations which then had invested in gold, mortgaged that gold at $ 32

an ounce, could then redeem the gold at $ 32 per ounce and resell at the current value

Replay of memory on Maldek (Maldek a Planet belonging to our Solar System which was destroyed)

This Awareness indicates that 85% of the souls upon this plane have lived on Maldek and this as the Luciferian consciousness which is

being worked off as part of the Earth's karma. This Awareness indicates this as being dissolved. The entire Illuminati, money

changing trip as but a replay of the memory of the action which occurred on Maldek wherein beings were categorized, numbered and

enslaved. This Awareness indicates that the movement which began 60.000 years ago in Atlantis was but a recollection of certain

states which began on Maldek

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